I studied broadcasting in college, so video was my focus before graphic design. Much of my professional video experience includes development of client training and internal culture videos, which I'm unable to share in a public portfolio. One external example I can provide, however, is the video featured below, which I created from start to finish using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Apple Motion 5, and Final Cut Pro X (I've since transitioned for Adobe Premiere Pro).
In 2017, I presented the idea of creating an explainer video to my marketing director. Since I joined the team in 2013, she was adamant about me creating videos, but as the sole designer it was difficult for us to commit the amount of time that video often requires. To work around this issue, she gave me the green light to research potential third-party agencies, and I ended up recommending Drive Media House. To date we've worked with DMH on three great projects, the results of which are below for your enjoyment. While I did not do the hands on development and animation work for these videos, my role in each amounts to a leading executive producer of a tv show – overseeing and facilitating each aspect of the video's development.
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