My wife and I have three-year-old twins (boy and girl). Yeah, it's a struggle at times. Fortunately, we're part of a great support group called Northside Twins & Multiples. Earlier this year, one of the presidents asked if I would be interested in creating a new logo and brand identity. I kicked things off by researching brand identities from similar support groups across the U.S., and I also studied brand identities from major baby and kids manufacturing companies (e.g. Graco, Tommee Tippee, Chicco, etc.). 
While the focus of this group is centered around children, it's really for adults, so my vision was to design a logo that captured the spirit of children without it seeming childish. The logo is meant to function with the large lettering and full name wordmark together, but the former can standalone when needed for responsiveness. In addition, I provided a complete set of brand guidelines, including colors, gradients, typeface, icons (used by members to indicate the sex of their children, and a neutral option for those that prefer not to), and stationary and social media examples.
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