In late 2016, I was tasked by our VP of marketing to wipe the slate clean on our division's brand identity and create something new. At the time our identity was corporate and minimal, which is still true of other divisions. I knew our VP favored depth, so I immediately began researching design trends that favored this direction. My immediate source of inspiration came from Material Design, which by then had developed a major following and was prominent in Android design. From it I borrowed the use of layers and shadows to create depth, which I paired with gradients to create an added sense of depth that didn't come across as heavy handed. As the lone designer on the team at the time I had to create all collateral and materials over time – including presentations, sales collateral, trade show gear (e.g. booth, stands, etc.), and videos – during which I had to expand the boundaries of this new identity into the different mediums.
Sales Collateral
White Paper
Trade Show Banner Stand
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